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Cheap Car Insurance in Montana

Key takeaways...
  • You need to meet the minimum requirements for insurance in Montana to be able to provide proof of insurance
  • It’s important to explore add-on coverage for a higher level of financial protection
  • Various discounts are offered by insurance companies

In order to obtain cheap car insurance in Montana, you need to learn about what the state requires. Various factors go into the cost of insurance, and discounts might be available to you. By taking the time to explore everything, you can control the cost of insurance more effectively.

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Insurance in Montana


Insurance is a requirement if you’re going to drive a car on the roads in virtually every state. Additionally, the Montana Highway Patrol began using a web service to electronically verify proof of insurance in May 2012.

– State Insurance Requirements

The state of Montana requires all drivers to have a minimum level of coverage. The requirements include:

  • $20,000 for property damage in any one accident
  • $25,000 for bodily injury/death liability to one person in a single accident
  • $50,000 for bodily injury/death liability for two or more persons in a single accident

When you get quotes, you will not be able to obtain insurance lower than the state minimums. As soon as you enter your zip code, insurance companies know your state and therefore know the minimum requirements for car insurance.

– Montana is a Fault State

It’s also important to note that Montana is a “fault” state.

You have the ability to file a claim with your own insurance company, another at-fault driver’s insurance company, or file a lawsuit in a court of law. The person who is at-fault is generally required to pay for any expenses resulting from the accident.

– Proof of Insurance

In Montana, you need to show proof of insurance during routine traffic stops as well as following an accident. The Montana Insurance Verification System, also known as MTVIS, is used by highway patrol to verify that you have insurance.

Failure to have insurance will result in various penalties:

  • First offense – Up to 10 days in jail or a $250 fine
  • Second offense – Up to 10 days in jail or a $350 fine; five points on your driving record; license revoked for 90 days
  • Repeat offenders – Imprisonment for up to six months and/or a $500 fine

It’s easier to have insurance so you don’t have to deal with these penalties.

Additionally, you might be required to have an SR-22 certificate once you have been caught without insurance. The certificate could increase the cost of your car insurance, which you want to avoid.

You should do some comparison shopping to get the best overall policy. Explore the financial ratings of insurance companies that write policies in Montana. When you choose a more financially stable company, it will make it easier for claims to be approved faster.

It’s a good idea to compare at least three or four policies with insurance companies every six months. You get to see what the different insurance companies charge, and you can also feel free to change to a new company at each renewal period.

Once you’ve decided on a company, contact them to get a comprehensive quote with the coverage you want and discounts you qualify for. Then, cancel your policy with your existing company to avoid paying for coverage that you don’t need.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Additional Coverage Options

Once you have met state requirements for insurance, you should look at additional coverage options. Adding more than the minimum might be more expensive, but not by as much as you would think. It also provides you with protection against more scenarios.

  • Personal Injury Protection – Also known as PIP, this coverage would provide reimbursement for medical expenses for you and any passengers in your car. It can also cover lost wages and similar expenses.
  • Uninsured Motorist – There’s the possibility that you will get into an accident with another vehicle. If they are uninsured, this protection will take care of the damages. Uninsured motorist will also protect against a hit-and-run.
  • Collision – This provides coverage for damages to your car as a result of a collision with a vehicle as well as an object. It will also cover you if you roll your car.
  • Comprehensive – This coverage protects against Acts of God, theft, as well as damage caused by an accident other than a collision.
  • Gap – If you are buying or leasing your car, gap insurance provides coverage between what you owe on the car and what the insurance company would pay if the car was totaled in an accident.

Explore the coverage levels, and determine what you need on your policy.

What factors influence what you pay?

There are a variety of factors that influence what you pay for car insurance in Montana. Some factors you can control and others you cannot.

  • Driving history
  • Type of car you drive
  • Credit score
  • Age
  • Gender

Work on driving in a safer way to improve your driving history. Compare vehicles and look for one with more safety features to reduce your risk on the road. Focus on paying bills on time and maintaining a good credit score. All of these tasks will help you obtain a lower insurance premium.

What discounts are available on car insurance?


Many car insurance companies provide you with discounts. While you might not be eligible for them all, it’s a good idea to explore them to see if you qualify for any. You might qualify for multiple discounts, driving the cost of your insurance down.

Below are some of the most popular discounts that are offered:

  • Experienced driver – Drivers who have been on the road for a while are experienced. You might have additional driving endorsements on your license, too, such as CDL. When you can show you are experienced and have not been involved in accidents, it could help you to save money.
  • Good student – If you are in high school or college and are maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher, some insurance companies will reward you with a more affordable insurance premium.
  • Good driver – If you have proven that you are a good driver and are free of accidents, you might qualify for a good driver discount.
  • Multi-line policy – If you require insurance coverage in multiple areas, it is beneficial to get them all from one company. An example would be to obtain car insurance and umbrella and/or renter’s insurance from the same company to take advantage of a multi-line discount.
  • Multi-vehicle policy – If you have more than one vehicle at your residence, consider including them all on the same policy. It’s often more affordable to have them all included in a single policy as opposed to getting an individual policy for each vehicle.
  • Driver training courses – Various driver training courses are available in Montana and online. The courses are approved by the state and include driver’s education offered in schools and defensive driving courses.

You can find cheap car insurance in Montana by spending some time making comparisons. You need to look at the coverage that is required and what works for you. Ask for discounts, and work to get the lowest premium possible without sacrificing coverage.

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