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Top 5 Triathlons in Montana

Key takeaways...
  • Triathlons are wildly popular in Montana
  • These events are fun and foster a sense of community
  • Proper planning is advised for those wishing to travel to Montana to take part in a triathlon
  • You should ensure you have the right auto insurance coverage before beginning your trip

Triathlons are quite popular across the U.S., and Montana is no exception.

To say a competitor positively needs to be in great shape to take part in a triathlon would be an understatement. Most are  well aware of the physical and mental conditioning required to participate in an endeavor that combines running, bicycling, and swimming.

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It’s All About the Experience

While spectators may question why some choose to put themselves through a triathlon, they should look a little closer at the experiences triathletes engage in.

– Fitness


Anyone hoping to tremendously improve his or her fitness level discovers preparing for a triathlon requires a great deal of exercise and good nutrition. Planning a triathlon debut may go hand-in-hand with launching a new fitness program.

– Fun

The hard work is not exactly grueling. The accomplishment gained by triathlon training adds a wonderful sense of fun to the whole process.

– Multiple Distances

Elite athletes are not the only competitors who take part in popular triathlons. Triathlons are more inclusive than commonly realized.

Different types of events such as sprint, olympic, half ironman, and ironman competitions cater to different athletes. This allows a variety of potential competitors can engage in the competitions.

– Community

And people do come together at these events. While the athletes do compete with one another, a sense of community and camaraderie takes place. Even the spectators are drawn into the communal nature. States in which triathlons are popular attract people from all over the world.

So, what is behind the appeal?

The simple answer is triathlons are enjoyable respites from daily routines. The state of Montana fuels the love of triathlon fun by hosting five truly awesome events.

The Top 5 Triathlons in Montana


#1 – Spring Meadow Triathlon

The Spring Meadow Triathlon takes place in Helena, Montana, in July. Triathletes swim a man-made lake, bike on a two-lane paved road, and run a flat course that traverses a dirt road, pavement, and a trail.

The race is open to a wide variety of competitors including those as young as 16 and others who are over the age of 80. The Spring Meadow affair also includes an olympic and sprint distances as well as a kids’ triathlon.

Spectators may take advantage of numerous activities offered at the triathlon’s location, the Spring Meadow Lake State Park.

#2 – Yellowstone Kelly Mountain Man Triathlon

The YK Mountain Man Triathlon occurs at the very end of August just as the cooler fall weather breezes into the state.

A limit of 200 first come/first serve registrants may participate. Participation includes a swim in Lake Elmo State Park, a run around the lake, and a bike race through the surrounding hills.

A big party for participants and spectators takes place after the triathlon ends.

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#3 – Montana Women’s Triathlon

The Montana Women’s Triathlon takes place in the middle of July and is one of the summer’s must-see athletic endeavors.

For many women, the triathlon is a “must participate” event. Swimming 500 meters in a pool and then off to a bike race that hits trails and roads followed by a run 2.9-mile run combine for a challenging-yet-inclusive triathlon.

Both experienced triathletes and newcomers take part in the event. A series of training and practice dates help with preparation for the big show.

#4 – Polson Triathlon


The middle of August means the Polson Triathlon takes place. Dubbed an “Olympic Distance Triathlon,” the contest definitely appeals to the fittest.

The combination of a 1.5 km swim in Flathead Lake, a massive 40 km loop bike race through a valley, and a 10 km run through scenic Polson makes for a challenging competition.

#5 – Grizzly Triathlon

A name along the lines of Missoula’s Grizzly Triathlon sounds fierce. The April competition’s fierceness goes side-by-side with a lot of fun.

The race embodies the word challenging. The 1,000-yard swim takes place in the Grizzly pool and the bike course along Highway 10 runs 20 kilometers on a flat surface before the run ever starts.

Based on the awards presented to the top competitors, the age range of participants runs from teens to those older than 60. A major shopping center is not too far from the triathlon so spectators can check it out before or after the festivities.

Tips for Traveling


The travelers to various triathlons can and do reach high numbers. Depending on the popularity of the race and the distance covered, anywhere from 300 to 1,000 people may attend. This can create some complexities are far as road conditions are concerned.

In order to run or bike race, roads do need to be closed for the competitors. Roads must be blocked for the basic reason the triathlon cannot take place without curtailing the safety of runners and cyclists motivates these actions.

Cars traveling on the road, needless to say, would create a chaotic situation when the triathlon takes place. Yet, resistance to safety does exist.

In an odd turn of events, Montana Legislator Scott Sales is hoping to pass legislation that would reduce cyclist rights when they take to the roads. Sales’ legislation has even been dubbed highly “anti-cyclist.”

The legislation would add a host of extra safety reflector requirements, restrict the roads cyclists could use, and even levy an extra tax at the cyclists. Whether this legislation could even remotely pass is doubtful.

Then again, stranger laws have found their way on the books all throughout United States history.

Regardless of how the law chooses to treat cyclists in Montana, drivers need to be cautious and avoid any potential calamities on the road. All drivers must maintain a safe distance from runners and cyclists.

Traveling well below the posted speed limit is also advisable. Doing so would reduce the chances of an accident with any triathlon competitors.

Acquire the Right Auto Insurance Coverage


Before heading out on the road in Montana, residents do need to make sure they have the right coverage in place.

Certain minimum legal requirements are imposed in the state on Montana. Failure to carry insurance is, in fact, a misdemeanor in The Treasure State. Rather than face charges and end up with a criminal record, why not purchase the following minimum requirements:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury/death to a single person in a single accident.
  • $50,000 for bodily injury/death to two or more persons in a single accident.
  • $20,000 for injury/damage to the property of others in a single accident.

Increasing Auto Insurance Coverage Before Your Trip


With limits this low, upgrading is advisable since the at-fault driver is personally liable for any payments beyond what the insurance company covers.

Comprehensive and collision insurance are two examples of coverage that could be added to a policy.

Visitors hoping to check out or participate in the cool triathlons taking place in Montana may wish to make sure the right coverage is in place before traveling. Long before the car heads from home to its destination, all those important financial protections must be in place.

You can start your search for affordable coverage today by entering your zip code below!

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