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Best Time to Visit Montana

Key takeaways...
  • The fall is a great time to visit the “Treasure State”
  • Scores of fun and engaging activities are accessible to travelers of Montana
  • Take proper precautions when planning a trip
  • Travelers and new residents should purchase the right amount of insurance coverage

Called “The Treasure State,” Montana truly is home to a great many wonderful and natural treasures.

Some people looking for a quiet and peaceful experience choose to relocate to Montana in retirement. Others enjoy vacationing at destinations all throughout the state. Whether a long-term transplant or a short-time visitor, Montana makes any stay welcoming.

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The history of Montana is intriguing. Long home to Native Americans, explorers ventured into the region during the early 19th century by way of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

In the 1860’s, gold was discovered in Montana leading to a not very surprising influx of new inhabitants. The growth of the state has not slowed down since.

Driving through Montana

The weather and climate in Montana definitely makes the state appealing. The summer and fall months are usually enjoyable and not commonly prone to harsh weather.

The winter months, however, can hit freezing temperatures beyond what many non-residents comfort levels. Careful planning is advised when dealing with the winter temperatures.

No matter when someone chooses to visit Montana, there is always something incredibly fun and interesting to do.

Taking in a show at the Playmill Theatre after traversing Going-to-the-Sun Road or Grinnell Glacier is an option. Exploring historical sites such as the location of the Battle of Little Big Horn or checking out the American Computer Museum allow for reliving the past.

The amazing Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center allows for getting up close to beautiful and awe-inspiring wildlife.

Montana is a wonderful state to visit. Trekking the state by car can be an unforgettable experience. A few precautionary measures need to be taken when driving into the state, though.

The Best Time to Visit Montana


Summer and winter are two months that draw in travelers, early fall is the very best time of year to visit Montana.

People love to look at the wonderful scenery as they drive. The beautiful foliage contributes to wonderful views that make driving and sightseeing an incredible experience.

And those taking part in recreational activities will find things far less crowded. People enjoy the parks, but not in the huge volumes they do in the summers since fewer vacationers have descended upon the state.

The early fall weather is still warm enough to engage in fun outdoor activities. Biking, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and more are still possible in the fall season.

The warm weather in early fall is generally consistent. September and October both bring very nice weather.

The average temperatures for Montana in September range from highs of 64 to 76 °F to lows mostly in the high 30’s °F. In October, the highs are mostly in the 50’s across the board with lows being in the 30’s.

Temperature alone is not the only thing people look at when thinking about booking a trip to Montana. Travelers like to save money. The fall season brings certain savings since hotels and resorts lower their rates for the off-season.

There are countless activities and destinations to enjoy in the early fall months in Montana. If you’d like a few suggestions for how to spend your time, keep reading below!

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#1 – Go on a Fall Drive

The popular fall foliage drive is a road trip like no other.

The drive starts with a trek to Missoula and then over to Glacier National Park. Afterward, the drive drifts north for a bit and then loops back to the origination point. The splendor of the original trip won’t be forgotten.

#2 – Visit Glacier National Park

Don’t just drive past Glacier National Park. Spend a little time in the park and check out all the sites of the natural world.

Glacier National Park is huge, massively huge, and the flowing streams are breathtaking. Spending a day or two or more at the park could be unforgettable.

#3 – Tour the Daly Mansion

The home of the 19th Century American industrialist Marcus Daly reveals a glimpse back to a time period that should never be forgotten.

The intriguing tours of the property turn back the clock and provide a glimpse of how a brilliant entrepreneur built a stunning empire. Unique musical events also take place on mansion’s property adding to the festivities.

#4 – Bike the Hiawatha Trail

Physical exercise is great for the body. Being surrounded by the visual splendors of Montana’s Hiawatha Trail is great for the spirit. Anyone with a love for bicycling definitely wants to hit this trail.

#5 – Paddle on the Clearwater Canoe Trail

How about hitting the waters of the Clearwater Canoe Trail? The canoe trip takes one to two hours and travels through willow marsh the likes of which are not seen many other places in the United States.

#6 – Visit the Oktoberfest Celebrations

Oktoberfest celebrations take place in different locations in Montana. The Great Northwest Montana Oktoberfest takes place over two weekends. September 28-30 and October 5-7 are the weekends these rollicking events take place.

#7 – Go Fishing

Brown trout in Montana are huge. They fight and are incredibly smart. Catching a nice-sized brown trout should cap off a day comprised of equal part excitement and relaxation on the Montana streams.

Certain activities are free. Driving through Montana only costs fuel and other expenses. Guided tours, fishing licenses, and admissions to specific events require a ticket, though.

Be Prepared for Travel


Proper travel preparation takes a bit of work, but the work is well worth it. The work is important and here are some of the things to do:

– Get Your Car Checked/Inspected

Without a proper travel inspection, a hidden problem could emerge at the worst possible time. Garages frequently run special deals on performing “mega inspections” on cars intended for vacation travel. Taking advantage of one of those deals might be a good idea.

– Have an Emergency Kit

The combination of potentially harsh winter weather and long stretches of rural highway necessitate keeping an emergency kit in the car. Important items include and are not limited to the following:

  • Water
  • Blankets
  • Flashlights
  • Charged Cell Phone
  • First Aid Kit

Really, anything that would help when a vehicle is disabled should be included as part of an emergency kit. The contents of the kit may boost safety conditions until help arrives. An unfortunate amount of time may pass until help does arrive.

– Comparison Shop for the Right Insurance Policy


Unpredictable incidents do arise while on vacation. Accidents, collisions, and other disasters happen. A good insurance policy may help mitigate a bad situation.

Is your current policy up to par? Request three or four quotes every six months give or take a month to make sure the current insurance policy is reliable and appropriate. The alternative means being potentially underinsured.

– Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements in Montana

Montana is a state that takes a dim view on those who drive without proper insurance coverage. In Montana, the law requires a vehicle operated on public roads to carry a state-mandated minimum amount of coverage. The minimum amounts are:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury death to one person in one accident.
  • $50,000 for two or more persons in a single accident.
  • $20,000 to injury to or destruction of property in a single accident.

New residents of Montana should purchase an appropriate amount of insurance capable of protecting all their assets.

Experiencing the Best of Montana

Visiting Montana can be enjoyable throughout the year. Even the tough winters may be fine for a select group of travelers.

The early fall season, however, is sure to be more appealing to those looking for calm weather and an incredible array of things to do, places to go, and memories to keep.

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